Arrests Made in Connection with Gilbert Teen Violence Case

GILBERT, Ariz. (AP) — The Gilbert Police Department has made two more arrests in connection with a violent robbery and assault that took place at a Gilbert In-N-Out parking lot in August 2023. Deleon Haynes, 19, and a 17-year-old juvenile, whose name has not been released, have been charged with aggravated assault and robbery. These arrests are part of the department’s efforts to address a series of teen violence cases in the East Valley.

This announcement comes after Christopher Fantastic and Aris Arredondo, both 18, were previously arrested and indicted in the same attack. Additionally, two unnamed 16-year-olds had also been apprehended. The law enforcement agency clarified that these arrests are unrelated to the incident involving 16-year-old Preston Lord, who sustained fatal injuries at a Halloween party in Queen Creek. This tragic incident has drawn attention to the issue of teen violence in the East Valley and the existence of a group called the “Gilbert Goons.”

The victim’s father had previously shared with the media that his son had to be taken to the emergency room after the attack, and he subsequently made the decision to send his son to live overseas with his mother due to safety concerns. The August incident happened just a couple of months before the fatal incident involving Preston Lord.

The Gilbert Police Department’s ongoing efforts to make arrests in various teen violence cases reflect a commitment to addressing this pressing issue in the community. The department’s swift actions in apprehending suspects demonstrate a proactive approach to maintaining public safety. As the investigations continue, the police department is focused on ensuring that justice is served and that the community feels safe from such acts of violence.

The series of arrests is a significant development in addressing the prevalence of teen violence in the East Valley, particularly in light of the attention brought to the issue by recent tragic incidents. The department’s dedication to apprehending individuals involved in these violent acts sends a strong message about the consequences of such behavior and its impact on the community.

The recent arrests serve as a reminder of the collaborative efforts between law enforcement and the community to address concerns about teen violence, providing hope for a safer environment for residents in the East Valley. As the cases progress, the spotlight on these incidents underscores the importance of taking proactive measures to prevent and address violence involving teenagers.