Attack on Woman in Salina Leads to Arrest of Christian Lasso Olivas

Salina, Kansas – Authorities in Saline County are investigating a disturbing incident involving a violent attack on a 21-year-old woman. The police were called to a residence on Cloud Circle in Salina, where they found the woman with blood stains on her shirt and a bloody nose. The victim reported that she had been attacked by a man and threatened with her life.

According to Salina Police Captain James Feldman, the victim identified the perpetrator as 20-year-old Christian Lasso Olivas. The altercation escalated when Olivas became angry with the victim, leading to physical violence and verbal threats. The victim managed to push Olivas away at one point, but he proceeded to drag her to another room and continue the assault.

During the attack, the victim attempted to defend herself by grabbing a knife from the kitchen. Olivas, in his attempt to prevent her from calling for help, refused to return her phone and threatened her life if she contacted the authorities. In the struggle that ensued, the victim was able to injure Olivas by slashing his hand with the knife, prompting him to drop her phone.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and arrested Olivas without any further incident. The victim was taken to Salina Regional Health Center for medical treatment of her injuries, while Olivas sustained a minor cut on his hand that did not require immediate medical attention.

Olivas is currently detained in the Saline County jail on multiple charges, including attempted voluntary manslaughter, aggravated domestic battery, aggravated kidnapping, criminal threat, domestic battery, and criminal deprivation of property. The investigation into the incident is ongoing as authorities work to ensure justice for the victim and hold the perpetrator accountable for his actions.