Banker Critical After Sword Attack in Chandigarh – Monetary Dispute turns Violent

Chandigarh, India – A brutal attack involving eight assailants wielding swords shook the Sector 44 market in Chandigarh in the early hours of Monday morning. The victim, identified as 28-year-old banker Ankur Panwar, suffered severe injuries in the assault.

According to authorities, the violence stemmed from a longstanding financial dispute between Ankur and the main suspect, Puneet Arora, who has since been apprehended. This animosity had previously escalated into multiple altercations and attempted attacks from both sides.

The assailants, including Puneet and his accomplices, arrived at the market in multiple vehicles armed with sharp-edged weapons. They launched a vicious attack on Ankur and his companions as they were heading home, resulting in Ankur sustaining significant injuries on his back.

In a daring move to fend off the attackers, Ankur’s friend Abhinav Tomar fired two gunshots into the air, forcing the assailants to flee the scene. Surveillance footage captured the intense moment, showing Tomar using the firearm to protect Ankur and their group from further harm.

Further investigation revealed a history of animosity between Ankur and Puneet, leading to a buildup of tension that culminated in the violent confrontation. Both parties now face legal action, with police filing cross FIRs and taking all aides of Ankur into custody. Puneet has been arrested, while authorities continue to search for his associates involved in the attack.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are scrutinizing CCTV footage to establish the sequence of events that transpired in the market and to corroborate witness statements. The incident underscores the importance of swift and thorough police action in addressing violent disputes and ensuring public safety in the community.