Brutal Attack Orchestrator Given Three Consecutive Life Sentences by Judge

Montgomery, Alabama – Alexandria Hancock, 33, received a harsh sentence of three consecutive life terms for her involvement in a brutal attack that took place in 2017. The Montgomery County District Attorney, Daryl Bailey, announced that Hancock was found guilty of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape, and first-degree robbery in May, leading to this severe punishment. Circuit Judge Jimmy Pool delivered the sentence, emphasizing that the use of a firearm during the crime played a role in the sentencing enhancement.

Bailey revealed that Hancock, along with three male co-defendants, orchestrated a heinous sexual assault on a woman in Montgomery with whom she had a previous altercation. The victim was deceived into a car under false pretenses, then subjected to multiple rapes and assaults at gunpoint while being driven away from her residence. Testimony from the victim detailed a horrifying ordeal where she was repeatedly assaulted by the men while Hancock watched from the front seat. The victim was then taken to a secluded area, where she was bound, beaten, shot at, and left for dead.

Despite Hancock’s claims of innocence as a mere bystander, Bailey condemned her actions as “purely evil.” Following her guilty plea, Bailey expressed the hope that the verdict would bring some semblance of peace to the victim, acknowledging the irreversible psychological and emotional trauma inflicted. The prosecution team sought the maximum sentence for Hancock, advocating for her permanent removal from society to prevent any further terrorization.

Bailey later addressed the impact of Hancock’s actions on the victim, emphasizing the significant damage caused by her vengeful behavior. The successful prosecution by Bailey’s dedicated team highlighted a commitment to justice in all violent crime cases. The sentencing by Judge Pool served as a stern warning that violent offenders in Montgomery County would face severe consequences, including prosecution, conviction, and lengthy prison sentences.

Prior to Hancock’s trial, two of her associates pleaded guilty and received 20-year prison terms, while the third co-defendant faced a separate trial resulting in three consecutive 99-year life sentences. The case serves as a reminder of the justice system’s determination to hold perpetrators of violent crimes accountable for their actions, ensuring that victims receive the support and justice they deserve.