Edo State Labour Party Leader Denies Involvement in Protest Attack on National Chairman

Benin City, Edo State – Olumide Akpata, the Labour Party Chieftain and a governorship aspirant in Edo State, has refuted claims of his involvement in a recent protest that targeted the National Chairman of the party, Julius Abure. The protest, which occurred at the party’s secretariat in Benin City, saw hundreds of party members, mostly youths, expressing their discontent with the party leadership.

Akpata made it clear that he and his supporters were not part of the protest and urged the party’s leadership and members to distance him from the incident. He emphasized that he is not associated with violence and does not condone any form of it.

The former President of the Nigerian Bar Association addressed the allegations linking him to the protest, stating that they were an attempt to tarnish his reputation and political standing within the Labour Party. He also mentioned that the accusations were likely coming from those opposed to his emergence as the party’s gubernatorial flagbearer in the upcoming primary elections.

Akpata denied any knowledge or sanctioning of the protest, firmly stating that neither he nor his campaign organization, supporters, or well-wishers engage in or condone violence. He expressed his determination to protect himself against such false allegations using the law, clearly maintaining his innocence in the matter.

Additionally, Akpata highlighted a previous incident where he was falsely connected to a violent attack, emphasizing that these accusations are baseless and aimed at damaging his reputation and standing within the party. He urged those responsible for spreading false allegations to cease their actions and threatened legal action to protect himself against further defamation.

As the governorship aspirant continues to defend his integrity and reputation, the Labour Party in Edo State faces a challenging time as internal dissent and discontent come to light. The upcoming primary elections on February 22, 2024, will determine the party’s candidate for the gubernatorial race, and the recent protest and allegations against Akpata may impact the party’s internal dynamics.