Grocery Store Massacre: Gunman Kills Four in Arkansas Attack

Fordyce, Arkansas – A tragic incident unfolded at a grocery store in Fordyce, Arkansas, on Friday when a gunman opened fire, leaving at least four individuals dead and several others wounded, according to authorities. The shooting occurred shortly before 11:40 a.m. CT at the Mad Butcher in Fordyce, approximately 70 miles south of Little Rock, said state police Director Mike Hagar during a news conference later in the day.

The Arkansas State Police reported that a total of thirteen individuals were wounded in the attack, including the four who tragically lost their lives. Among those killed were identified as Callie Weems, 23; Roy Sturgis, 50; Shirley Taylor, 62; and Ellen Shrum, 81, as confirmed by police and family members.

Following the gunfire exchange with officers, the shooter, later identified as Travis Eugene Posey, 44, of New Edinburg, was taken into custody with non-life-threatening injuries. According to law enforcement, the suspect was armed with a 12-gauge shotgun during the attack.

Colonel Mike Hagar of the Arkansas State Police addressed the media on Sunday, stating that the shooting seemed random, with no apparent specific targets. Hagar emphasized that there was no evident personal connection between the shooter and the victims, most of whom were women.

After receiving medical treatment, Posey was booked at the Ouachita County Detention Center on suspected first-degree murder charges. The suspect faced initial charges of three counts of capital murder, which were later updated to four by Hagar on Sunday.

As the investigation continues, law enforcement officials are working diligently to uncover more details about the incident. The motive behind the attack remains unclear at this time, with Hagar stating that the suspect had a minimal criminal history.

The shooting left the community of Fordyce in shock, with witnesses describing the chaotic scene surrounding the grocery store. Local pastor Roderick Rogers expressed disbelief at the violence that unfolded, recounting the harrowing experience of witnessing individuals lying wounded in the parking lot.

The shooting in Fordyce is one of several recent incidents of gun violence across the United States, including a mass shooting in Oakland, California, and another shooting in Philadelphia. As authorities work to prevent future tragedies, the impact of these senseless acts of violence reverberates through communities nationwide, leaving scars that may take time to heal.