High School Stabbing: Two New York City Students Injured in Violent Attack

QUEENS VILLAGE, New York – Two high school students were stabbed inside Martin Van Buren High School on Thursday afternoon after a violent fight broke out in the stairwell, according to the New York Police Department (NYPD). The incident occurred around 1:30 p.m. in Queens Village, Queens. The NYPD reported that the two 17-year-old students were attacked within the school premises. One of the students sustained a stab wound in the stomach, while the other was stabbed in the shoulder.

Both injured teens were taken to Cohen Children’s Medical Center and were reported to be in stable condition by the police. One person was taken into custody in connection with the stabbing, but no charges were immediately filed.

Video footage of the incident, obtained by Fox News Digital, showed a confrontation between the students that escalated into a violent brawl inside the school. In the video, large groups of students were seen aggressively punching and kicking one another.

Following the attack, the school was placed on lockdown, and students recounted the tense moments as they were escorted into the library. One student described the chaotic scene, stating that they heard cop cars and were informed about the lockdown.

The stabbing at Martin Van Buren High School is a stark reminder of the safety challenges faced by educational institutions. Incidents like these often raise concerns among students, parents, and educators about the overall security and well-being of those within the school community.

The NYPD’s swift response and the actions taken by school staff during the incident highlight the importance of preparedness and effective safety protocols in schools. These measures are crucial in ensuring the protection of students and preventing such violent altercations from escalating further.