Inmate Attack: Hernando County Inmate Faces Murder Charge for Fatal Assault on Fellow Inmate

Spring Hill, Florida – An inmate at the Hernando County jail is now facing a murder charge after a violent attack on another inmate was captured on the jail’s security cameras, Sheriff Al Nienhuis announced on Tuesday.

The incident occurred when inmate William Gillespie allegedly kicked another inmate, Jory Van Antwerp, in the head multiple times while walking through the medical housing unit. Despite initial assessments of non-serious injuries, Van Antwerp’s condition deteriorated throughout the day, eventually resulting in a brain bleed diagnosis at a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Sheriff Nienhuis described the attack as “totally unexpected and unprovoked,” noting that investigators have yet to determine the motive behind Gillespie’s actions. Gillespie, who was already in jail on a battery charge and had a history of altercations with other inmates, now faces a second-degree murder charge due to the severity of Van Antwerp’s injuries.

The sheriff revealed that Gillespie’s criminal record includes 11 prior felony arrests and five convictions, but he was not classified as a violent felon requiring separation from the general inmate population.

In a surprising twist, it was disclosed that Van Antwerp, the victim of the attack, was incarcerated for allegedly committing a heinous crime of sexual assault against a child. Sheriff Nienhuis stated that there is no evidence to suggest that Gillespie was aware of the nature of Van Antwerp’s charges, framing the incident as a crime of opportunity where Gillespie acted impulsively.

The tragic turn of events serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can lurk within correctional facilities, prompting renewed scrutiny of inmate safety protocols and the potential need for stricter measures to prevent similar acts of violence in the future.