Manhunt underway in Albany after daylight shooting leaves one dead, shooter at large

Albany, New York – A manhunt is underway in Albany after a fatal shooting took place near Delaware Avenue, leaving one person dead and the shooter still at large. Police responded to reports of multiple shots fired at Stewart’s, where they discovered a 21-year-old male with gunshot wounds to the upper extremities.

The incident unfolded around 5:10 p.m. near the intersection of Delaware Avenue and Southern Boulevard, sparking a city-wide search for the perpetrator. Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins confirmed that the shooter, described as a lighter-skinned black male, remains on the run.

According to Chief Hawkins, the tragic event stemmed from a verbal altercation in the City Square Plaza parking lot between the victim and the suspect. The shooter, who was reportedly on foot, unleashed 13 rounds of gunfire at the victim, who was seated inside a vehicle with another individual. Miraculously, no other injuries were reported despite the flurry of bullets in a bustling area during rush hour.

Witnesses recounted a harrowing scene of the victim exiting the vehicle covered in blood before collapsing, further underscoring the senseless violence that plagued the neighborhood that day. Amidst the chaos, community leaders like Council Member Sandra Fredricks and Bishop Avery Comithier of the anti-violence initiative Pastors on Patrol offered their perspectives on the escalating disputes.

As law enforcement combs through video footage and pursues leads in the investigation, they urge anyone with pertinent information to contact the Albany Police Detective Division. The search for the shooter continues, emphasizing the urgent need for cooperation from the community to bring justice to the victim and closure to the grieving loved ones.