Murder Conviction for Ex-Girlfriend’s Boyfriend in Brutal Attack

Crawley, England – Two men have been found guilty of the murder of Harrison Tomkins, who was stabbed to death by his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend in her bed. Kaydon Prior, 23, was convicted of the brutal and frenzied attack, in which he used a hunting knife to stab Tomkins in the chest, legs, and back. His friend, Jason Curtis, 22, was found guilty of encouraging and assisting in the murder.

The trial at Chichester Crown Court revealed that Prior, described as a jealous and controlling man, stormed into Alicia Parrin’s flat with Curtis after learning she had been out with another man. Prior and Curtis were found guilty of Mr. Tomkins’ murder in unanimous verdicts.

Testimony from the trial painted a picture of a tumultuous relationship between Prior and Parrin, with Parrin alleging that Prior was violent and jealous. The court heard that Parrin alleged Prior had threatened to kill her if she ever got involved with someone else. In a step towards ending the relationship, Parrin moved into her own flat, prompting Prior to confront her on the night of the murder.

Prior claimed that he owned the hunting knife and had brought it with him to Parrin’s flat for DIY and cooking purposes. However, the prosecution argued that Prior had brought the knife with him when he traveled to his flat for a spare key to Parrin’s home.

Following the murder, Curtis was found hiding in bushes nearby, while Prior was discovered in his flat with a bag of clothes stained with Tomkins’ blood. Both Prior and Curtis denied charges of murder and manslaughter, but were found guilty. They will be sentenced on April 23 at Hove Crown Court.

The conviction brought a sense of closure for Tomkins’ family, who issued a statement expressing their satisfaction with the result and their belief that justice had been served. They described Tomkins as an innocent victim and spoke of their trauma throughout the trial.

The case shed light on the dangers of jealousy and possessiveness in relationships, serving as a tragic reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked emotions. The upcoming sentencing will determine the fate of Prior and Curtis, bringing some semblance of justice for the tragic loss of Harrison Tomkins.