Nancy Pelosi’s Assailant, David DePape, Goes on Trial in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — The federal trial began today for David DePape, who is accused of assaulting Paul Pelosi and attempting to kidnap former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in October 2022.

According to evidence presented in court, DePape hammered Paul Pelosi over the head after smashing through the windows of the couple’s San Francisco home. He later revealed to investigators that he intended to interrogate the Democratic lawmaker and possibly “break her kneecaps.”

U.S. District Court Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley has rejected the notion that this is a straightforward assault case, arguing that the government bears the “heavy burden” of proving DePape’s intent to kidnap the former speaker and interfere with her official duties or retaliate against her.

DePape, a Canada native, has pleaded not guilty to both charges and faces up to 50 years in prison if convicted.

Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom’s approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low, with 49% of voters disapproving of his performance as governor, according to a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll.

The survey revealed that Newsom’s popularity has declined this year, dropping to 44% from 55% in February. His disapproval among California voters increased by 10 percentage points.

The cost of a new healthcare law signed by Newsom is estimated at $4 billion in the 2024-25 fiscal year alone, making it one of the most expensive laws California has seen in years. This comes as the state is facing a $14-billion budget deficit, which could grow larger if revenue projections continue to fall short.

Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo, a Democrat running for a seat on the Los Angeles City Council, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after crashing her car and testing more than twice the legal limit. In a statement, Carrillo said she accepts responsibility for her actions and intends to seek the necessary help and support.

In other news, Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas has endorsed Rep. Adam Schiff in California’s U.S. Senate race, believing that Schiff is best positioned to address critical issues such as the high cost of living and homelessness, which are important to voters.

The trial against DePape is expected to continue as prosecutors work to prove the charges against him, while the political landscape in California continues to evolve, with implications for both state and national politics.