Person of interest in deadly Bartlesville shooting taken into custody in Wichita.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma – Police in Bartlesville, Oklahoma have apprehended a person of interest in connection to a fatal shooting that occurred on Monday night. Thomas Conway was taken into custody in Wichita, Kansas on various warrants, one of which includes possession of a firearm as a felon, along with the illegal use of a police scanner.

Authorities are looking to question Conway in relation to the shooting death of Alexander Daugherty, who was discovered fatally shot in an alleyway in Bartlesville. Police suspect that the incident may have been fueled by a dispute over drugs or money, as the victim was reportedly shot at a residence in the 1400 block of West Hensley before fleeing to the nearby alley.

Brenda Killough, a neighbor to the crime scene, recalls hearing a loud noise resembling a firework just before the shooting occurred. Although initially unaware of the severity of the situation, Killough later learned of the tragic events that unfolded just mere feet away from her residence.

Law enforcement was alerted to the incident shortly after midnight when a concerned individual reported hearing a gunshot in the vicinity. Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered Daugherty with fatal injuries in the alley. Investigators have determined that the victim was in the company of several individuals at the time of the shooting, some of whom have since left the premises, prompting a search for potential witnesses.

Deputy Chief Andrew Ward of the Bartlesville Police stated that there is currently no indication of a broader threat to the public, characterizing the incident as an isolated occurrence likely related to disputes over illicit substances or money. As investigators continue to piece together the details of the case, the community remains shaken by the violence that has disrupted their once peaceful neighborhood.

Killough, who has resided in the area since the 1980s, expressed concerns over the recent turmoil brought about by neighboring individuals. Feeling unsafe in her own home, she voices a desire for the troublesome individuals to be removed from the neighborhood in light of the tragic events that transpired. Authorities are grateful for the assistance provided by law enforcement in Wichita, whose use of license plate reading technology led to the apprehension of Conway.