Pitbulls Attack San Francisco Man, Scales Fence to Survive

San Francisco, California – A man was viciously attacked by two pit bulls while walking home in San Francisco, an incident that left him with 30 stitches and in need of surgery. Pablo Rocha managed to survive the attack by scaling a tall fence as more than 20 bystanders watched but did not intervene. The dogs involved in the attack have since been euthanized by San Francisco Animal Control.

Rocha, recalling the harrowing experience, described the sound of his bicep muscle being stretched during the attack. He expressed his disbelief at the possibility of dying in such a manner, as he struggled to escape the jaws of the aggressive pit bulls. Despite the traumatic incident, Rocha received medical treatment at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

The attack on Rocha prompted numerous 911 calls, with some reporting him as a burglary suspect while trying to flee from the dogs. Two suspects were later arrested in connection with the attack. Hilary Flynn faces charges of failure to control a dangerous dog, resisting arrest, and false impersonation, along with additional outstanding warrants. Jesse Ali, charged with resisting arrest and aiding a felon, was released with conditions, including electronic monitoring and a stay-away order from Rocha.

The incident highlights the dangers posed by aggressive animals and the importance of responsible pet ownership. The community has come together to support Rocha after his traumatic ordeal, emphasizing the need for increased awareness and precautions when encountering potentially dangerous animals in public spaces. Animal Control and law enforcement continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the attack to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Overall, the incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with encounters with aggressive animals, underscoring the need for vigilance and preparedness to ensure personal safety in such situations. Rocha’s survival and recovery from the attack provide hope and inspiration for others who may face similar challenges in the future. As the community reflects on the incident, efforts to improve safety measures and raise awareness about animal control and responsible pet ownership are likely to be prioritized in the aftermath of this unfortunate event.