Secure Your Financial Future by Timing Your Social Security Benefits

Making the decision when to claim Social Security benefits is a complicated process that requires careful consideration. While there are advantages to claiming early at age 62 or waiting until age 70 for a larger check, many individuals find that waiting until their full retirement age strikes a balance; for those born in 1960 or … Read more

Shotgun Bandits Strike Fear in Busy Shopping Area

Philadelphia, PA: Authorities in Philadelphia are searching for the suspects involved in a series of armed robberies that have left local businesses and residents on edge. The first robbery occurred on November 20 at Larry’s Famous Pizza on Rising Sun Avenue, followed by another incident on December 11 at a Dollar General just blocks away.  Both … Read more

Are You Earning Enough to Get the Maximum Social Security Payout? Find Out Now

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Here’s How You Can Unleash the Potential of Your Social Security Income 

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Poor Health May Force You Into Early Retirement, Before Applying Consider This First

Regrettably, only some people enter retirement in excellent health. When you’re in your early 60s, and you have several health problems, you may believe you won’t live very long, which may motivate you to file for Social Security benefits early.