Can Recession Ruin Your Retirement Plans? Three Ways to Safeguard Your Savings

Following the advice of staying the course, not overreacting, and thinking long-term during economic uncertainty can do wonders for your retirement plan. But don’t misinterpret it as an invitation to sit back and not do anything. While things are still uncertain, there are steps you can take that will pay off big down the road. … Read more

Incredible Savings Opportunities for Retirees in the North West

With its year-round sunshine, stunning beaches, and relatively cheap taxes, Florida has long been a popular choice for retirees. However, an increasing number of Americans are opting to spend their golden years in its neighbor to the northwest. According to the Wall Street Journal, last year, John Fox and Louise Turkula of Minnesota purchased a … Read more

Here Are The Best Passive Income Streams For Retirees In 2023:

In 2023, the world of finance is abuzz with talk of passive income. As signs of a recession loom, more people are seeking ways to generate income without actively working. For retirees, in particular, the idea of earning passive income can be an attractive prospect, as it allows them to supplement their retirement income without having to take on a traditional job.

Plan for retirement by putting your assets to good use.

When you are working, you are paid for your time. After retirement, however, it’s time to start making money off your assets. It can be challenging to adjust to living off of a retirement portfolio, which could prompt some retirees to seek employment again. You won’t have to return to the office if you learn to leverage your existing resources.