Want to Know the Peak Retirement Age in America? Discover It Now

The retirement expectations of older Americans tend to center around two significant milestones: the Social Security early retirement age of 62 and the Medicare eligibility age of 65. However, a recent publication from the Social Science Research Network reveals that, on average, Americans retire earlier than their initial expectations. Several societal and demographic factors play … Read more

Do You Think You Will Retire Comfortably?

According to a recent Gallup survey shared with CNN, Americans’ confidence in their ability to retire comfortably has reached an 11-year low, reflecting growing economic pessimism. The survey reveals that only 43% of nonretired adults believe they will have sufficient funds to live comfortably during retirement, the lowest level since 2012. This prior year saw a decline of five percentage points in this figure, and it has decreased by ten percentage points since 2021.