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Supreme Court Upholds Sexual-Assault Conviction Despite Denial of Evidence in Pretrial Ruling

Ryan Eastwood

Toronto, Canada – The Supreme Court of Canada recently upheld a sexual assault conviction involving a case where an ex-husband …


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Carjacking Victim Shoots Attacker: Attempted Murder Charges Filed

Ryan Eastwood

Louisville, Kentucky – A man from Elizabethtown is facing a series of charges, including attempted …

Brave Police Officers Confront Knife-Wielding Attacker, Nominated for National Bravery Award

Ryan Eastwood

London, England – Two courageous Metropolitan Police officers demonstrated extraordinary bravery when they confronted a …

Shooting in Portland Neighborhood Leaves Man Dead: Police Seeking Information

Ryan Eastwood

Louisville, Kentucky – An unfortunate incident unfolded in the Portland neighborhood on Tuesday night when …

Families to Gather Two Years After Uvalde Shooting

Ryan Eastwood

UVALDE, Texas – Two years after the tragic Uvalde shooting that left families devastated, loved …

Uvalde, Texas Settles With Families of Massacre Victims: Overhauls Police Training and Support Services

Ryan Eastwood

UVALDE, TEXAS – The city of Uvalde, Texas, has agreed to implement significant changes in …

Shooting at Family-Owned Linen Company Near Philadelphia Leaves 2 Dead and 3 Injured, Suspect Charged with Murder

Ryan Eastwood

Chester, Pennsylvania – A tragic shooting at a linen company near Philadelphia has resulted in …

Shooting Investigation Launched After Double Homicide Near San Pedro Care Facility

Ryan Eastwood

San Pedro, California – Authorities are currently investigating a double homicide that occurred near an …

Road Rage Incident Leads to Fatal Shooting of 16-Year-Old in Harris County, Texas

Ryan Eastwood

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A tragic incident involving a 16-year-old boy has left the community …

Counterprotester Arrested for Assault at UCLA Protest Encampment: Police Investigation Ongoing

Ryan Eastwood

Los Angeles, California – A pro-Israeli counterprotester found himself in hot water as UCLA police …

Mass Shooting at Chester Linen Company Leaves Two Dead and Three Injured, Gunman Charged

Ryan Eastwood

CHESTER, Pennsylvania – A tragic incident unfolded at a local industrial laundry and linen company …

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Milwaukee Woman Fatally Shot in Harambee Neighborhood, Family Searches for Answers

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – A tragic incident has shaken a Milwaukee family as they seek answers …

Shooting Tragedy at North Marion Middle School Leaves Father Dead and Children Traumatized

OCALA, Florida – A tragic incident unfolded just outside North Marion Middle School, resulting in …