Amazon Driver Faces Deadly Rattlesnake Attack!

Amazon driver Mone’t Robinson is now sharing her frightening experience. The incident occurred a month and a half ago, and according to Robinson, it started like any ordinary day. The 21-year-old was delivering packages in the Highland Reserve Community in Palm City, Florida. When the unexpected incident occurred, she was on her 100th delivery out of 150.

She said she usually scans the package and places it down. When she went to take a picture, she felt like a bee had stung her. Robinson recalled. “It wasn’t overly aggressive, just a mild sting.”

However, it wasn’t a bee but an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Robinson and a neighbor immediately called 911 for assistance.
Upon the arrival of Martin County, sheriff’s deputies found the rattlesnake was still coiled up near the package by the front door.

Robinson initially thought it was just a snakebite, nothing too serious. She thought she would go to the hospital, receive some medication, and be back to work the next day. Robinson explained that she did not think it was serious.

But the situation took a different turn.
Robinson’s initial 911 call captured her screaming, but she later managed to calm herself down and take deep breaths. First responders credit her composure for her survival.
“Yeah, I heard about that afterward,” Robinson said. “I honestly thought I might not make it.”
She realized the seriousness of the bite as she got into the ambulance and noticed her face, lips, and eyes swelling.
“I could hardly breathe because my airway was like closing, my throat swelling from inside,” Breathing became difficult, according to Robinson.

The Port St. Lucie resident spent nearly three weeks in the hospital.
“Just being in the hospital, I almost didn’t make it; I went into some sort of shock,” Robinson recounted. “People keep telling me it’s like a one-in-a-million chance that something like this would happen.”

Attorney Lissa Dorsey from Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt is assisting Robinson in navigating the workers’ compensation process.
Dorsey commended Robinson as a composed, strong, and courageous young woman. She emphasized the human aspect of their work and their goal to ensure Robinson’s well-being and her return to a normal life.

Robinson admitted that she hadn’t talked much about the incident until now. She said it is what it is, but it’s mentally taxing. Robinson admitted, “I don’t sleep as soundly anymore.”