Assault and Robbery in Downtown Cincinnati Caught on Disturbing Surveillance Video

CINCINNATI, OHIO – A shocking video has surfaced showing a victim being attacked and robbed by a large group of people while walking in downtown Cincinnati. The incident, captured on surveillance video, took place on E. 6th Street on Tuesday at around 8 p.m. According to the Cincinnati Police Department’s incident report, the victim was walking on the sidewalk when he was ambushed from behind by a group of individuals, resulting in minor injuries. The video also depicts the suspects stealing items from the victim before fleeing the scene.

Fraternal Order of Police Queen City Lodge #69 president, Ken Kober, described the attack as “disgusting,” condemning the senseless violence against a citizen minding his own business. Kober expressed his desire for the perpetrators, who he alleges were young people, to face appropriate consequences for their actions. The concern was also raised about the cycle of arrest, release, and reoffending, highlighting the need for accountability in the justice system.

In response to the incident, Cincinnati police announced the arrest of two individuals in connection to the attack: 18-year-old Jadin Shaw and a 14-year-old. The police are urging parents with children who frequent the downtown area to have conversations with them about safety and the repercussions of getting involved in such incidents. Additionally, the police provided a list of actions that the public can take when witnessing an assault, such as immediately calling 911, being a good witness without endangering oneself, and providing any video evidence to the appropriate investigators.

The community is left shocked by the brazen nature of the attack and concerned about the safety of individuals in the downtown area. The incident has sparked conversations about the need for proactive measures to address and prevent such violent acts. Calls for accountability and justice for the victim have been resounding, with a focus on ensuring that those responsible face meaningful consequences for their actions.