Assault in Sofia: Afghan Man and Bulgarian Wife Attacked by Group with Stones and Metal Rods, Forced to Flee

Sofia, Bulgaria – A horrifying attack took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, involving an Afghan man and his Bulgarian wife who were brutally assaulted by a group of strangers wielding stones and metal rods. The incident occurred in broad daylight, leaving the couple traumatized and shaken by the unexpected violence in their neighborhood.

Javed Nouri and his wife were getting ready to leave for work when they noticed a group of unfamiliar individuals near their apartment building. Sensing danger, Nouri called emergency services as a precaution, but the situation escalated rapidly before help could arrive.

The attackers, described as young men and a girl, viciously assaulted Nouri with metal rods while targeting his wife with large stones, forcing her to flee the scene in fear for her life. Nouri tried desperately to protect his wife amidst the chaos, seeking shelter in a nearby restaurant and asking patrons to contact the authorities.

Trapped in the restaurant’s kitchen, Nouri found himself cornered by his assailants as they continued their threats and attempted to break into the couple’s home. Despite residing in Bulgaria since 2003, Nouri expressed shock at the brazen attack, emphasizing the unexpected nature of the violence they experienced.

Following the assault, the couple decided to sell their apartment and relocate to a safer location to seek refuge from the terrifying ordeal. Authorities are currently investigating the incident and working to apprehend the perpetrators to ensure justice is served for the traumatic attack on the innocent couple.