Bahamas Travel Advisory: US Alerts Against Winter Visits Due to 18 Murders

Nassau, The Bahamas – The US embassy has issued a travel advisory for the Bahamas due to a surge in violence, specifically 18 reported murders in January. The embassy has expressed concerns about the safety of tourists, primarily due to the rise in gang-related activities on the island nation.

US officials have strongly advised against resisting robbery and have urged travelers to reconsider their plans for a winter getaway to the Caribbean destination. They emphasized the need for caution when walking or driving at night, as well as the importance of staying aware of surroundings and keeping a low profile to avoid potential robbery attempts.

The Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Philip Davis, has taken measures to address the recent surge in violence, including the implementation of roadblocks and covert police actions. Despite potential inconvenience to residents and visitors, he emphasized the collective benefit of making the streets safer and reducing violent crimes in the region.

Additionally, concerns have been raised about unregulated water activities, highlighting the potential lack of safety measures. The State Department pointed out that some boaters have made risky choices in the past, resulting in injuries and fatalities.

In a related update, the State Department has also heightened its travel advisory for Jamaica to level three out of four, urging travelers to “reconsider travel” due to common occurrences of violent crimes, including home invasions, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and homicides. The advisory specifically highlighted frequent sexual assaults at all-inclusive resorts, cautioning travelers to exercise discretion.

These travel advisories serve as an important reminder for individuals to prioritize their safety when considering travel plans to these regions. The heightened concerns over safety and security in both The Bahamas and Jamaica reflect the need for travelers to stay informed and exercise diligence when visiting these locations.