Bengaluru CEO’s Husband Claims Denied Visitation Rights by Wife

Calangute, Goa – Venkat Raman of Bengaluru arrived at the Calangute police station in the afternoon to provide a statement as part of an ongoing investigation into a tragic incident involving Suchana Seth, an AI start-up CEO accused of killing her four-year-old child. Raman’s arrival marked a significant development in the case.

Seth allegedly smothered her son to death at a service apartment in Candolim, North Goa. She then packed his body in a bag and attempted to flee back to Bengaluru. However, she was intercepted and arrested midway on January 8 in Chitradurga, Karnataka. The shocking nature of the incident has garnered widespread attention.

Raman, who is going through divorce proceedings with Seth, revealed to the police that the court had granted him visitation rights, but Seth had prevented him from seeing his son for five consecutive Sundays. He emphasized the importance of this information as he provided a detailed statement to the investigating officer.

According to police reports, the murder was premeditated, as Seth not only ended her son’s life but also attempted to take her own life by slashing her wrist. These revelations shed light on the distressing circumstances surrounding the case.

As the investigation continues, Raman’s statement serves as a crucial piece of evidence in understanding the events leading up to the tragedy. The details provided by him will aid the authorities in their pursuit of justice for the innocent child who tragically lost his life.

In summary, Venkat Raman’s arrival at the Calangute police station in Goa to provide a statement in the case of Suchana Seth’s son’s death has revealed harrowing details about the circumstances leading up to the tragedy. The ongoing investigation aims to bring to light the truth and hold those responsible accountable.