Border Attack Plot: Militia Member Arrested for Coordinating Violent Assault on Federal Agents

Nashville, Tennessee – A Tennessee man from Cunningham has been arrested for allegedly plotting to carry out a violent attack against federal agents at the U.S.-Mexico border with the help of multiple militia groups. Paul Faye is facing charges of possessing, selling, or transferring an unregistered firearm following a nearly yearlong undercover investigation in Nashville.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Nashville, Faye expressed his desire to “stir up the hornet’s nest” at the border and planned to coordinate the attack with militia groups from Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. It was revealed in conversations cited in the complaint that he hoped news of the violence would spark a larger movement of individuals traveling to the border to support his effort.

Faye believed that the U.S. was “training to take on its citizens” and accused the government of using migrants crossing the border as part of its scheme. He allegedly stated that “the patriots are going to rise up because we are being invaded.” Additionally, Faye detailed his plan to serve as a sniper and boasted about having access to someone who could create explosives.

During an in-person meeting at his home, Faye reportedly showed an undercover agent his “war room,” which contained numerous firearms, a large amount of ammunition, radios, and a bulletproof vest. He then proceeded to sell an unregistered silencer to the undercover agent for $100, ultimately leading to his arrest this week.

Authorities first became aware of Faye’s activities following the arrest of another Tennessee man, Bryan Perry of Clarksville, who is facing numerous charges for plotting to travel to the border to shoot Border Patrol agents and migrants crossing into the U.S. It was found that Perry had communicated with Faye, expressing a desire to commit acts of violence at the border.

Perry and Jonathan O’Dell, a Missouri man arrested with him following a shootout with federal authorities, are currently being held without bond. A public defender listed as representing Faye did not immediately respond to a request for comment.