Boyfriend Allegedly Murders 14-Year-Old Girlfriend in Similar Incident to Navi Mumbai Case: Kalyan Police

Kalyan, India: The Kalyan police have determined that a 22-year-old boyfriend allegedly murdered his 14-year-old girlfriend, in a case echoing a similar incident in Navi Mumbai last week. The victim, a Class 8 student, went missing from her Kalyan home on January 14 and her decomposed body was found by the police on January 20 after a foul smell was reported emanating from a dilapidated chawl room.

According to police investigations, the boyfriend, Krushna Shirsath, jumped under a local train between Shahad and Kalyan stations on the same day the girl went missing. A mobile phone belonging to the boyfriend was found near the victim’s body, and it was later discovered that he had committed suicide on January 14. The police from two different stations came to the conclusion that the boyfriend had murdered the girl before taking his own life.

It was revealed that the boyfriend had confessed to his father over a video call that he had murdered the girl and intended to end his own life before jumping in front of the local train. The use of acid to destroy the girl’s body was also uncovered during the inquiry, although the post-mortem report is still pending to conclusively determine the cause of her death.

The victim’s family had recently moved to Kalyan from Ambernath, and the family became aware of her relationship with Krushna during a visit to her native place, Jalgaon, a few months ago. The victim’s friend revealed to the police that she was deeply in love with Krushna and refused to heed anyone’s advice. The couple had recent disagreements over some issue, according to the friend.

Initial findings suggest that the couple had been together for around one and a half years, and that Krushna financially supported the victim, helping fulfill her wishes for new clothes and hosting parties. The situation turned into a murder investigation when the girl’s body was found six days after she went missing, and CCTV footage revealed the couple entering a dilapidated room together, with only Krushna leaving later with changed clothes.

Deputy commissioner of police, S Gunjal, stated, “The boy has confessed to committing the girl’s murder during the last call he made to his family. No note was left behind. The method of the murder is yet to be established. Further investigations are ongoing, including recording statements from the families.”