Crossbow Horror: Man Kills Girlfriend One-Arrow-At-A-Time

In Elma, New York, a tragic incident occurred where Frank Litterio allegedly used a crossbow to fatally shoot his longtime girlfriend in the face, chest, and abdomen. The victim, Jill Harris, 62, sadly lost her life due to the injuries.

Litterio, a 61-year-old man, is now facing murder charges in New York for this gruesome act. He had been in a relationship with Jill Harris for 15 years. According to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn’s statement, Litterio was arraigned on one count of second-degree murder. The incident occurred at around 5 p.m. inside the home they shared with Elma on December 13.

During a press conference, Erie County undersheriff Bill Cooley revealed that when law enforcement arrived at the scene, they found Litterio with self-inflicted injuries, including a neck laceration, multiple chest puncture wounds, and wrist injuries. Cooley described these injuries as “superficial,” except for one, without providing further details. The district attorney did not speculate on whether Litterio had attempted suicide, as the investigation was still ongoing.

Additionally, authorities noted that Jill Harris appeared to have been deceased for some time when they arrived at the Elma home, although the exact time of death was unclear. Police responded to a call from Litterio’s sister, who had requested a wellness check on her brother.

While it is unclear if the couple had a disagreement prior to the tragic incident, authorities say Litterio’s actions were deliberate. Undersheriff Cooley emphasized that the process of loading and firing a crossbow required careful intent, and Litterio did it more than once. District Attorney Flynn emphasized that the crossbow used was not a typical recreational weapon, describing it as a powerful and deadly tool. He also added that a motive for the crime was not necessary to proceed with the case, indicating that charges would be brought regardless.

Following his arrest, Litterio was taken to a hospital for treatment and was still there as of Wednesday. At his arraignment, Litterio’s defense counsel waived the time limit for the case. According to District Attorney Flynn, a defendant must appear in court within six days after being held without bail. After his medical treatment, Litterio will be transferred to a detention center and is scheduled to appear in court on January 29.

Efforts to obtain Litterio’s booking photo from the sheriff’s office have not been immediately successful, and it remains unclear whether one has been taken since his transfer.