Daughter of murdered MP David Amess sues police and government for alleged failure to stop his death

LONDON, UK – Katie Amess, daughter of the late MP Sir David Amess, has filed a lawsuit against the police and government for their failure to prevent her father’s tragic death. Sir David was fatally stabbed 21 times by an Islamic State extremist during a constituency surgery in Essex in 2021.

Amess, 38, has initiated a High Court civil case for personal injury, targeting the Home Office and Essex Police. The lawsuit follows the disturbing murder of her father, which shook the nation and raised concerns about security measures for public officials.

The assailant, Ali Harbi Ali, had been referred to the Home Office’s deradicalization program years before the attack, but he managed to evade detection and carry out the heinous crime. This has sparked criticism and questions regarding the effectiveness of such prevention schemes.

The legal action comes in the wake of an independent review that highlighted the inadequacies of the deradicalization program. Ali, who received a whole life sentence for his actions, had meticulously planned the attack and even made prior attempts to target other Members of Parliament.

In response to the legal proceedings, the Home Office stated that it would be inappropriate to comment on ongoing cases, emphasizing the government’s commitment to the safety of MPs. Similarly, Essex Police expressed their dedication to supporting elected officials in the execution of their public duties while acknowledging the protective claim filed at court.

The tragic murder of Sir David Amess has ignited conversations about the security and safety of public figures, prompting calls for a thorough review of existing preventive measures and security protocols. As Katie Amess seeks accountability and justice through the legal system, the implications of this case are likely to have far-reaching effects on the approach to protecting elected representatives in the future.