Deacon Blue Fan’s Violent Assault on Aberdeen Taxi Driver Sparks Shock and Remorse

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – After a Deacon Blue concert in October, a violent altercation occurred when a 50-year-old fan, Steven Beattie, assaulted a taxi driver on Inverurie Road. The incident began when Beattie and his partner demanded a stop at McDonald’s for food after the concert at P&J Live. A dispute over payment for the wait time led to an escalation of aggression, resulting in a physical assault.

Beattie’s rage exploded into a terrifying assault, as he punched the taxi driver 12 times, causing the driver to fall to the ground. He then proceeded to grab a fire extinguisher and smash the taxi, leaving it badly damaged. As a result of the attack, the driver sustained head injuries and minor elbow pain. Beattie was later arrested at McDonald’s.

In court, Beattie pled guilty to assault and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner. The engineering firm director expressed remorse and shock at finding himself involved in such a serious legal matter. As a gesture of reconciliation, Beattie compensated the taxi driver with over £4,600, covering damages and lost earnings.

The violent incident following the concert serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining composure and respect in disagreements. Beattie’s actions have left a scar on the local community and the taxi driver, who was simply doing his job. The focus now shifts to the healing process for all parties involved, with the hope that such incidents become a thing of the past. This lesson learned underscores the consequences of letting aggression spiral out of control, and the lasting impact it can have on individuals and the community.