Delphi Murders: Defense Attorneys for Richard Allen Return to the Case

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The original defense attorneys for Richard Allen are now back on the case of the Delphi Murders. The move comes as the trial of Allen revolves around his involvement in the 2017 slayings of two teenage girls. The defense attorneys had withdrawn from the case after Allen decided to represent himself, but they have now been reinstated at his request.

The attorneys had previously filed a motion to withdraw in October 2021, citing “a breakdown in attorney-client relationship and a total lack of communications” with Allen. However, they requested to rejoin the case and have been granted permission by the court. Allen faces multiple charges including two counts of murder, as well as other felonies related to the killings of the two girls.

The attorneys’ return to the case brings a new twist to the legal proceedings, as they had initially expressed their intention to step away from representing Allen due to the breakdown in communication and relationship with him. With their reinstatement, it remains to be seen how the defense strategy for Allen will unfold as the trial progresses.

The Delphi Murders case has garnered widespread attention and speculation, and the rehiring of Allen’s original defense attorneys adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing legal saga. The trial is expected to continue in the coming months, and the involvement of the defense attorneys could potentially impact the outcome of the case. As the community awaits further developments, the restored legal representation for Allen raises questions about the defense’s approach and the potential implications for his trial.