Dog Fatally Shot After Threatening Note: Mankato Family Seeks Justice

South Bend Township, Minnesota – A tragic incident unfolded near Mankato last weekend when a beloved family dog was fatally shot on the deck of their home. The shooting occurred shortly after the family had received a threatening note warning them to silence their pet’s barking, according to officials from the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office.

The dog, Lily, a medium-sized mixed-breed, was killed around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday in South Bend Township. The Sheriff’s Office reported that no arrests have been made in connection to the incident.

Two weeks prior, a similar threatening note was left at the family’s home on Neubert Lane, as well as on the property of another dog owner nearby. The note warned the owners to control their dogs’ barking, stated Sheriff’s Capt. Paul Barta.

The owner of the dog, Alyssa DeBill, expressed her devastation on Facebook, describing Lily as the best dog in the world. DeBill resides with her fiancé Preston Fleischer on Neubert Lane, where the tragic shooting took place while they were away visiting a friend. Their sons and two other dogs were at home during the incident.

When DeBill’s 10-year-old son called their fiancĂ© crying and screaming about Lily being shot, the family was heartbroken. The gunfire hit Lily in the chest while the boys were mere feet away on the deck of the house’s second story.

According to DeBill, Lily would only bark in response to stray cats, wildlife, or approaching people or vehicles due to their secluded location. The Sheriff’s Office indicated that the shooter likely fired from a marshy ravine approximately 40 feet away from the house.

Neighbors reported hearing two gunshots during the incident. Authorities are gathering evidence, including notes and surveillance footage, in an effort to apprehend the shooter. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 507-304-4863 or report anonymously through