Drunken Middlesbrough Welder Assaults Pub Doorman and Innocent Bystander with Beer Bottle in Whitby Rampage

Middlesbrough, England – A welder from Middlesbrough, Daniel Brown, found himself in a courtroom after a series of violent incidents that left victims injured and terrified. The court heard how Brown, in a drunken state, first attacked a doorman at a pub in Whitby town center before brutally assaulting an innocent passer-by with a beer bottle.

The chaotic scene unfolded as Brown accused someone of making advances towards his partner in a misunderstanding. He proceeded to physically assault the security man at the pub, punching him repeatedly and causing him to retreat inside while being pursued by Brown. The violent altercation left the doorman on the floor, trying to protect himself from the blows.

Witnesses described the situation as terrifying, with onlookers intervening to remove Brown from the pub. Later, Brown was seen drunk in another location, where he assaulted a man and his wife after a brief exchange of words. His aggressive actions escalated when he grabbed a beer bottle and used it as a weapon, striking the man in the face before kicking him while he was down.

The injured victim suffered a severe 5cm wound to his cheek, resulting in significant blood loss and the need for multiple stitches. The impact of the attack left a lasting scar on the victim’s face, causing both physical and mental anguish. Brown’s history of violent offenses and antisocial behavior further highlighted the severity of his actions.

During the court proceedings, Brown admitted to the charges of affray and intent in relation to the wounding, acknowledging the harm he had caused. Despite attempts to explain his behavior as a result of personal and family issues, the court sentenced Brown to five years and four months in prison, emphasizing the consequences of his inability to control his anger.

The judge’s decision reflected the gravity of Brown’s actions and the lasting impact they had on the victims involved. The incident served as a stark reminder of the consequences of reckless and violent behavior, emphasizing the need for accountability and responsibility in a civil society.