Ex-NBA G League Player’s Shocking Murder Revelation

Chance Comanche, a former NBA G League player who is now facing murder allegations, reportedly admitted to the abduction and killing of a woman in Las Vegas in collaboration with his ex-girlfriend, according to court documents. Comanche, 27, and Sakari Harnden, 19, were previously named as suspects in the disappearance and murder of Marayna Rodgers, who was reported missing on December 7.

Investigations revealed that both Rodgers and Harnden were sex workers. Rodgers thought she was meeting a client. Harden was plotting her murder. Text messages between Harden and Comanche date back to December 1, with messages about killing Rodgers and plans about how to do so. Additionally, a third party was also involved in the text messages, and it remains to be seen if that individual will be arrested as well.

Comanche, a former player for the Stockton Kings, the G League affiliate of the Sacramento Kings, was apprehended on December 15 in Sacramento, while Harnden was arrested in Las Vegas two days earlier. Rodgers’ remains were discovered after Comanche’s arrest.

According to a warrant, a friend of Rodgers reported her disappearance and expressed concern to the police, mentioning that her friend had arranged to meet Harnden, who was involved in the sex industry and had connections to potentially violent individuals.

After Comanche’s arrest, he purportedly confessed to the murder of Rodgers alongside Harnden. Comanche disclosed to the police that he and Harnden had previously been in a relationship but had subsequently separated while maintaining contact. Comanche purportedly revealed that, after failing to hire someone else to carry out the act, he and Harnden devised a plan to entice Rodgers away from her associates by promising her $1,000 for escort services, as outlined in the warrant.

Reportedly, Harnden informed Rodgers that Comanche had interests in “kinky sex” and requested to restrain her hands with zip ties, to which Rodgers consented. After securing Rodgers’ hands with zip ties, Comanche strangled her with an HDMI cord, stopping after approximately 10 seconds. However, Harnden then proceeded to strangle her again and continued the act until Rodgers ceased to breathe, as detailed in the warrant.

Comanche and Harnden then allegedly disposed of her body in a ditch before returning to their hotel, where Comanche’s team was staying.
Harnden has been charged with kidnapping and murder and is currently in custody. According to jail records, her court appearance is scheduled for February 8, but her plea status remains unclear. Comanche is being held in custody in Sacramento and awaits extradition to Nevada to face charges.

The Sacramento Kings announced Comanche’s release on December 15, coinciding with his arrest. On December 5, the day Comanche allegedly met Rodgers, the Stockton Kings participated in a game near Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. Standing at 6-foot-10, Comanche had previously played college basketball at Arizona and had a brief appearance in an NBA game for the Portland Trail Blazers last season.