Femicide Crisis: Police Investigate Gruesome Murder of Woman in Kiganjo

Gatundu South, Kenya – The alarming trend of women being killed in Kenya has reached new heights with the recent discovery of a woman’s body, which had one breast removed, in a wooded area in Kiganjo, Gatundu South. The 55-year-old woman had attended a church service earlier in the day and was expected to join a family function in the evening but never arrived. Her family’s attempts to reach her by phone were unsuccessful, leading to concerns about her whereabouts. It was a neighbor who informed the family that a woman’s body had been found near a bridge close to their home, later confirmed to be the missing woman.

In a separate incident, police officers on patrol in the Githurai 44 area heard a woman screaming from a rented house. Upon investigation, they discovered a 24-year-old woman who had been assaulted by her boyfriend. The victim sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Tragically, she succumbed to her injuries upon arrival at the hospital.

The recent string of violence against women in Kenya has sparked outrage and calls for action from women’s rights activists. The gruesome murder of Rita Waeni, whose body was found stabbed, decapitated, and stuffed in a paper bag in Nairobi, has particularly shocked the nation. Her family had reported receiving strange messages demanding ransom after she failed to return home. Moreover, the discovery of her decapitated head in a dam has added another layer of horror to the ongoing investigation.

These disturbing incidents have come amidst a growing outcry against femicide and gender-based violence in the country. As a response, women’s rights activists have organized a nationwide protest at Jevanjee Garden in Nairobi, as well as in Kisumu and Mombasa counties, to condemn the increasing cases of femicide. The call for action highlights the urgent need to address the pervasive threat to women’s safety in Kenya. As the country grapples with these tragic events, attention and action are imperative to ensure the protection and rights of women.