Fisherman Suspect Identified After More Than 30 Years in 1980s US Murders

A high-profile murder case in Virginia has taken a significant turn, as a suspect has been identified more than 30 years after the crimes were committed. Authorities have linked Alan W Wilmer to three murders that took place in the late 1980s, including two that were part of the infamous Colonial Parkway murders.

Wilmer, a deceased fisherman, has now been named as the suspect in the 1987 deaths of David Knobling and Robin Edwards in Isle of Wight County, as well as the 1989 killing of Teresa Lynn Howell in Hampton. This revelation comes as a result of an undisclosed tip that led investigators to Wilmer, prompting a DNA request that ultimately connected him to the crimes.

Police believe that, if Wilmer were still alive, charges would have been filed against him. The news has been both shocking and emotional for the families of the victims, who have waited more than three decades for answers in their loved ones’ murders.

The case of Knobling and Edwards had initially been classified as part of the Colonial Parkway murders, a series of double homicides that occurred in southeast Virginia between 1986 and 1989. However, authorities have now ruled out a connection between these two murders and the others in the series, despite their similarities. The remaining double homicides in the Colonial Parkway murders are still under investigation.

Wilmer’s identification as a suspect has brought a mix of emotions, offering some sense of relief and justice for the victims’ families. However, his death has raised concerns that crucial answers about the murders may remain forever unknown.

Police are urging anyone with information about Wilmer and his activities to come forward and assist in their investigation. Despite the suspect’s passing, there is hope that additional details may help provide closure for the families affected by these tragic events.

In conclusion, the identification of Alan W Wilmer as a suspect in these decades-old murders shines a light on the enduring impact of unsolved crimes. The families affected continue to seek closure and remain hopeful that the truth will finally come to light.