Grantville Apartment Complex Shooting Leaves Two Men Dead in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, California – Tragedy struck a Grantville apartment complex on Friday night as two individuals lost their lives in a shooting incident, as reported by the San Diego police department. The gunfire broke out at approximately 8:50 p.m. at an apartment complex located on Alvarado Canyon Road, just east of Mission Gorge Road. The complex, believed to be newly constructed, is situated near a trolley stop along the road and just north of Interstate 15.

Upon arrival, officers discovered two victims in a stairwell within the complex, both suffering from gunshot wounds. Despite being rushed to a hospital, the men succumbed to their injuries. Authorities refrained from releasing the names of the deceased individuals immediately following the incident. Lieutenant Jud Campbell of the San Diego police mentioned that an altercation near a pool area in the complex led to the shooting, with at least one individual brandishing a firearm and opening fire.

Campbell indicated that there is a possibility of multiple individuals being involved in the shooting, although further investigation is needed to ascertain the details based on the physical evidence collected. Witnesses reported seeing two men in red hooded sweatshirts leaving the scene, but a comprehensive description of the suspects was not readily available. Efforts by a police helicopter crew to locate the suspects proved unsuccessful, while a group of individuals seen exiting the complex shortly after the incident was briefly detained but later released upon confirmation that the suspect was not among them.

Individuals with any relevant information regarding the shooting were urged to contact the department’s Homicide Unit or Crime Stoppers anonymously. Authorities continue to investigate the incident to bring clarity to the situation and seek justice for the victims.