Grieving Community Releases Doves at Memorial for Slain Reedley Couple

REEDLEY, Calif. – Over the weekend, a memorial service was held for the late Guadalupe and Matthew Bonds, who tragically lost their lives earlier this month. The service was a heartfelt tribute to the couple, with doves being released into the sky as a symbol of peace and remembrance.

Guadalupe was found in the backyard of her home, alongside Billy Bonds and Darrell Bonds, while Matthew was discovered in a detached garage at his neighbor’s house. The community has been left reeling from the shocking loss, with friends and family expressing their deep sense of hurt and confusion. The Reedley police have been actively investigating the case, conducting a new search this week as they seek answers in the killing of the four family members.

As loved ones gathered to pay their respects, the exterior of the church was adorned with photos of Guadalupe, reflecting the impact she had on those around her. The emotional ceremony included the loading of the couple’s caskets into the hearse, with tearful embraces between family and friends as they bid their final farewells.

Guadalupe’s brother fondly recalled her ability to bring people together, sharing memories of her hosting barbecues for family gatherings. He also spoke highly of Matthew, describing him as a kind-hearted individual who was always willing to assist Guadalupe. These reflections paint a picture of a loving couple whose presence will be deeply missed in the community.

In the midst of their grief, family members are left grappling with unanswered questions, wondering what could have led to such a devastating tragedy. The upcoming funeral service for Billy and Darrell Bonds will provide another opportunity for the community to come together and mourn the loss of these cherished individuals.

As the community continues to seek closure, they remain united in their sorrow and in their determination to honor the memory of the Bonds family.