Guilty: Ocean County Man Admits to Violent Hate Crimes Against Orthodox Jewish Community

Toms River, New Jersey – A man from Ocean County has pleaded guilty to committing hate crimes against members of the Orthodox Jewish community in and around Lakewood. Dion Marsh was said to have violently attacked five Jewish individuals in 2022, including running over four people in a stolen vehicle and stabbing one of them in the chest.

The U.S. Attorney, Philip Sellinger, remarked on the prevalence of hate-fueled violence in the state and across the nation, stating that it is a sad reality. He emphasized the importance of respecting and protecting the civil rights of all individuals, regardless of their appearance, religion, background, or sexual orientation.

Marsh is scheduled to be sentenced on June 11. This case serves as a reminder of the need to address and combat hate crimes in communities. It also highlights the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and protection of all individuals, no matter their religious or cultural background.

Local law enforcement and community leaders have echoed the importance of standing together against hate and working towards a more inclusive and compassionate society. The guilty plea serves as a step towards justice for the victims and the larger community affected by these violent acts.

The sentencing of Marsh will be an opportunity to demonstrate the consequences of hate crimes and to send a clear message that such actions will not be tolerated. It also serves as a reminder of the crucial role that law enforcement and the justice system play in upholding the rights and safety of all individuals.