Gunfire reported at a Family Dollar store

GARY, Ind. – A man was shot while working at a Family Dollar store in Northwest Indiana on Monday afternoon, police said.

Gary police wrapped up their investigation at the scene later Monday. No one is in custody, but it appears that authorities know who they’re looking for.

The shooting happened around 2:45 p.m. inside the store near 25th Avenue and Johnson Street in Gary.

Police say a 21-year-old man was working at the business when he was hit by gunfire. The shooting was the result of a personal dispute, police said, adding that it was not from any kind of robbery attempt and that the victim and shooter knew each other.

The man who was shot was taken to a hospital for treatment, but police have not provided information about his condition.

ABC7 spoke with a man who works next door. He said he heard a single gunshot and thought it was construction noise.

“I was sitting in my office. I heard one loud boom, and I thought it was, like, they were still remodeling the store. I thought it was like when they’re moving the refrigerator or something like that, but I didn’t think it was a gunshot,” said Mohammed Abdulla. “A little scary. You get scared sometimes, but the type of job you do, you get used to it.”

Police said the suspect was not at the scene when officers arrived. The police said they did know who they were looking for. Authorities did not immediately provide further information.

In other related news, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office disclosed the tragic fate of 19-year-old Griffin Smith, who succumbed to injuries after a shooting incident on Saturday.

Officials reported that Smith, aged 19, was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds in his pickup truck behind the Marion Oaks Community Center. Despite being rushed to the hospital, he unfortunately passed away.

Investigations revealed that Smith was shot several times in the vicinity of the Dollar General store on Marion Oaks Boulevard. After the shooting, he managed to drive approximately a mile from the store before stopping.