Gunmen Kill Eight in Violent Attack in Ecuador’s Guayaquil: President Vows to Fight Narcoterrorism

Quito, Ecuador – A violent attack unfolded in the coastal city of Guayaquil, leaving eight people dead and eight others injured, as reported by the country’s interior ministry. The incident, which occurred on Saturday evening, involved armed gunmen arriving in Guasmo, firing on a group of individuals, resulting in two immediate fatalities. Six others succumbed to their injuries later at a medical facility.

This tragic event marks the most recent in a series of violent occurrences in Ecuador, with the second mass killing within two days. Just a day before, five individuals were found killed execution-style in Manabi province, linking to a suspected local drug-trafficking dispute. The incident saw a total of 11 people kidnapped, with the six remaining individuals, including five minors, successfully rescued.

President Daniel Noboa acknowledged the ongoing battle against escalating violence in Ecuador, particularly emphasizing the prevalence of narcoterrorism in the region. The surge in violent attacks has prompted Noboa to declare a state of emergency in January, implementing stringent measures such as permanent security operations and curfews in high-risk areas like Guayaquil.

Furthermore, the unraveling events have heightened concerns over the safety and security of residents in Ecuador, once hailed as a peaceful haven in Latin America. The community continues to grapple with disturbing incidents, including the recent tragic deaths of the mayor and her collaborator in Manabi province. Moreover, a prison riot in Guayaquil, resulting in casualties, underscores the escalating violence plaguing the country.

With Ecuador surpassing a rate of 40 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, authorities and citizens alike are confronted with the urgent need to address the underlying issues fueling such brutality. As investigations unfold and authorities work tirelessly to maintain order and security, the resilience and solidarity of Ecuadorians remain steadfast in the face of adversity.