Hollie Guard Safety App: Launched After Tragic Murder, Saves Lives and Used in 60 Court Cases

GLOUCESTER, England — The family of a hairdresser who was tragically killed by her ex-partner has created a safety app aimed at combating domestic violence and knife crime. Hollie Gazzard was brutally stabbed to death by Asher Maslin, prompting her family to launch the Hollie Guard safety app in her memory. The app is designed to automatically record video and audio during a violent incident, as well as alerting police to the user’s location. It has since been utilized in 60 court cases, including murder cases, serving as a crucial tool in the fight against domestic violence.

Created by Hollie’s devastated parents Nick and Amanda, along with her sister Chloe, the Hollie Gazzard Trust aims to raise awareness about domestic violence and knife crime. The app has been downloaded 500,000 times since its launch and has been instrumental in sending out tens of thousands of alerts, ultimately being used in numerous court cases. The innovative app has garnered the endorsement of nine police forces and the Domestic Abuse Commissioner, solidifying its importance and impact.

Despite the family’s unimaginable loss, they have channeled their grief into advocacy, with Nick now providing training on healthy relationships and the role of being a male ally. He emphasizes the importance of becoming an “active bystander,” particularly for school kids, in order to encourage intervention in situations of harassment or violence. This proactive approach to addressing domestic violence is a key aspect of their efforts to prevent future tragedies like Hollie’s.

Tragically, Hollie’s ex-partner Maslin was caught on CCTV twice with his hands around her neck, but no one intervened to help. Such devastating circumstances have prompted the Gazzard family to advocate for practical ways to step in and provide assistance to those who may be in danger. With their sustained efforts and the impact of the Hollie Guard safety app, the Gazzard family is working to ensure that Hollie’s legacy lives on through making a tangible difference in the fight against domestic violence.