Husband’s Family Accused of Murdering Sister-in-Law Over Petty Quarrel

KHURRIANWALA, Pakistan: In a tragic turn of events, a woman was allegedly strangled to death by her husband with the help of his parents and brother. The victim, Shumaila Akhtar, was married to Umar Farooq, and the couple was known to frequently argue over minor issues.

According to Imran Hussain, the brother of the victim, Umar Farooq had previously threatened to kill his sister. The incident took place during an argument between the couple, leading Umar Farooq, his father Muhammad Aslam, and mother Samina Bibi to allegedly torture and strangle Shumaila with a scarf.

Sadly, Shumaila succumbed to her injuries while being transported to the General Hospital, Ghulam Muhammad Abad. As a result, a murder case has been registered against the accused, and the police are conducting raids to apprehend them.

This tragic incident is not an isolated one, as earlier in the week, a man was accused of shooting and killing his sister under suspicion of adultery. The victim’s mother, father, and sister allegedly attempted to cover up the crime scene and labeled the murder as a suicide.

In response to this, the police have arrested the victim’s relatives and initiated an investigation into the matter. The details of this distressing event were reported by Sub-Inspector Mohammad Maqsood Shahid, who was patrolling in an official vehicle when they received the report.

These heartbreaking incidents shed light on the prevalence of domestic violence and honor killings in certain communities, calling attention to the urgent need for effective intervention and support for victims. The local authorities must take concrete steps to address and prevent such heinous crimes from occurring in the future.