Indiana Supreme Court to Hear Argument for Resuming Defense Team in Delphi Murders Case – Trial Delayed Until 2024

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indiana Supreme Court is preparing to hear arguments in the case of Richard Allen, who is charged with the 2017 murders of teenagers Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi, Indiana. Allen has requested that his original defense team, who were removed from his case last fall, be reinstated. However, Allen will not be present for the court hearing, even though he filed the motion.

The judge referred to Allen’s original defense team as “grossly negligent” for their removal from the case, following a leak of crime scene evidence online. Allen claims mistreatment by the court, and now the fate of his defense team lies with the state’s highest court.

The hearing, scheduled for 11 a.m. ET, will be live-streamed, and it is expected to address Allen’s request to reinstate his original defense team, appoint a new judge, and expedite the trial. Despite Allen’s request, experts believe that the judge will not be disqualified from the case and that a new defense team for Allen will be appointed under Judge Gull.

Criminal defense attorney Brian Clayton says that Allen has a constitutional right to competent legal counsel and that his previous legal team knows the intricacies of the case. However, a new trial date has been set for October 2024, allowing Allen’s new attorneys sufficient time to review the case.

In conclusion, Allen’s case has experienced several twists and turns, and the outcome of the Supreme Court hearing could have significant implications for the progress of his trial.