Jailed Woman Throws Hot Coffee at Shoppers in Broad Daylight Rampage

Warrington, England – A woman in Warrington, England has been sentenced to 32 weeks in prison for a series of violent assaults, including throwing hot coffee at two shoppers in a town center street. The attacks, which occurred in broad daylight on May 9, left the victims – a mother and daughter – traumatized and injured. Patricia Caple, the 41-year-old offender, had known the victims as former acquaintances, escalating the level of betrayal and fear in the attacks.

During the incident, Caple spotted the two women in the popular shopping district and verbally assaulted them by shouting ‘baby killer.’ She then proceeded to buy a hot coffee from a nearby café and threw it at one of the victims, causing skin reddening on the victim’s left shoulder. Despite the victims’ attempts to escape, Caple pursued them, continuing to threaten and abuse them.

The situation worsened when the victims tried to flee in a taxi, but Caple caught up with them and physically attacked them. In a separate incident on June 3, also captured on CCTV, Caple assaulted another woman by striking her in the face, leaving bruises on her lip. During a police interview, Caple justified her actions by claiming the victims had spread rumors about her family.

In addition to the assaults, Caple was involved in a public disorder incident on April 25, where she aggressively pushed a woman and made threatening remarks. As a result of these actions violating a previous suspended sentence, Caple’s sentence was activated, resulting in a total of 32 weeks in prison for the three assaults. She was also ordered to pay £60 in compensation to each victim.

The incidents showcase the severity of Caple’s violent behavior and the impact it had on multiple victims. The sentence handed down by the court reflects the seriousness of the crimes committed and serves as a warning against such violent acts in the community.