Killer Edwin Hopkins Recalled to Prison After Release for Murdering Schoolgirl

Nuneaton, England: Edwin Hopkins, the convicted killer of 15-year-old Naomi Smith, has been returned to prison just 23 days after being released on parole. The recall came after it was suspected that Hopkins had violated the terms of his release.

Naomi Smith was tragically murdered by Hopkins in January 1997, and her family was devastated by Hopkins’ release. His recall to prison has brought some relief to the Smith family, but the nature of the violation that led to his return has not been confirmed.

According to CoventryLive, the conditions of Hopkins’ release included restrictions on returning to the area and interacting with children. A spokesperson from the Probation Service emphasized the organization’s commitment to protecting the public by imposing strict release conditions and taking prompt action when offenders violate them.

The Parole Board of England revealed that Naomi’s brutal murder occurred 28 years ago, and Hopkins was convicted in 1997 despite denying his guilt. He was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 18 years, but he ended up serving ten more years before being deemed eligible for release.

Naomi’s brother, David Freeman, shared the heartbreaking details of the last time he saw his sister alive, recalling how their family was shattered by the devastating news of her murder. Referring to Hopkins’ actions, he stated, “Calling him an animal is too good – even an animal wouldn’t do that.”

This tragic case serves as a reminder of the profound impact of violent crimes on families and communities, and the complexities involved in the criminal justice system. The recall of Hopkins to prison reflects the ongoing challenges and considerations surrounding the release of offenders convicted of heinous crimes.