Legal Action Against Instagram, Call Of Duty, and Gun Manufacturer for Uvalde School Shooting Influences

Uvalde, Texas – Families of the victims of the tragic Uvalde school shooting are pursuing legal action against three companies they believe played a role in shaping the gunman’s mindset prior to the attack. The announcement came on the two-year anniversary of the shooting that claimed the lives of 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in May 2022.

The legal action targets Meta Platforms, the parent company of Instagram, the makers of the popular video game series Call of Duty, and the manufacturer of the gun used in the shooting. The families accuse these companies of promoting content that glorifies combat, gun violence, and killing, ultimately influencing the gunman’s actions.

Lawyer Josh Koskoff, representing the families, referred to the companies as a “three-headed monster” that allegedly exposed the shooter to weapons, normalized violence as a problem-solving tool, and provided training in firearm use. The lawsuits claim that the gunman had been playing versions of Call of Duty since the age of 15, allowing him to practice with a virtual rifle that closely resembled the one used in the school shooting.

In addition to the lawsuit against the gaming and social media companies, the families also filed a legal case against guns manufacturer Daniel Defense, alleging that the company used platforms like Instagram to promote the illegal and deadly use of its weapons. Furthermore, another $500 million lawsuit was filed against Texas state police and responding officers for their delayed response to the shooting, leaving students and teachers vulnerable for over an hour.

In response to the legal actions, Call of Duty makers, Activision, expressed condolences to the impacted families and communities, emphasizing that millions of people worldwide enjoy video games without resorting to violence. The Entertainment Software Association defended the gaming industry, stating that research has found no direct link between video games and violent behavior.

Neither Daniel Defense nor Meta Platforms responded immediately to requests for comments on the legal proceedings. This recent legal action adds to the ongoing litigation surrounding the Uvalde school shooting, with multiple lawsuits filed against various entities seeking accountability for the tragic events. As the community commemorates the two-year anniversary of the shooting with a vigil, President Joe Biden offered prayers for the lives lost, the wounded, and their families.