Life Sentence for Cousins Convicted of Senseless Murder Caught on CCTV

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Two cousins found guilty of a brutal and unprovoked attack that led to the death of Christopher McGee have been sentenced to life in prison. William McMahon, 47, and David McMahon, 41, were captured on CCTV viciously assaulting McGee outside a house in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire on November 5, 2021. McGee passed away in a Glasgow hospital three days after the assault.

During the trial at the High Court in Glasgow, the McMahons denied the murder charges but were convicted by the jurors. William McMahon was given a minimum sentence of 15 years and six months, while David McMahon, with a worse criminal record, was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years.

The attack involved William punching the victim, followed by David hitting him with a glass bottle and then continuing to kick McGee while he lay on the ground. The judge, Lord Young, condemned the lack of compassion from the defendants and sentenced them on the basis that the attack was driven by alcohol and not pre-planned.

According to witness statements, the cousins exchanged a knowing wink before attacking McGee, indicating a deliberate and coordinated assault. One witness described the viciousness of the attack, comparing the kicks to those delivered to a football. Despite efforts to save him, McGee succumbed to his injuries, leaving a lasting impact on his family and loved ones.

The prosecutor further emphasized the unprovoked nature of the attack, stating that David had “upped the ante” by striking McGee with the weapon. The senseless and violent nature of the assault was evident, leaving no doubt about the severe implications of the McMahons’ actions.

The sentencing brought a sense of closure to McGee’s family and friends, who mourned the loss of a beloved and supportive family member. Detective Chief Inspector Hannah Edward from Police Scotland expressed hope that the sentence would provide some form of solace to the victim’s loved ones during this challenging time.

The guilty verdict and subsequent sentencing of the McMahons serve as a reminder of the consequences of senseless and violent actions, underscoring the devastating impact such behavior can have on individuals and their families.