Massacre Survivor’s Miracle: Dawna Langford’s Son Living Proof After Cartel Attack

COLONIA LEBARON, MEXICO – The quiet Mormon community of Colonia LeBaron was shocked by a brutal massacre in November 2019, which left three American women and six children dead. Among the victims were Dawna Ray Langford, 43, and her two children, Trevor Harvey, 11, and Rogan Jay, 2.

Authorities later revealed that the massacre occurred when a cartel gang mistook their vehicles for belonging to a rival cartel. Dawna’s son, Devin, miraculously survived the shootout, leaving his father, David Langford, in awe of the children’s resilience in the face of such tragedy.

Following the devastating loss, another chapter of hope and love began for Christine, as she met David Woolley online in October 2022, going on their first in-person date that December. The couple kept their relationship private for two months before publicly announcing their love on Valentine’s Day in 2023 and eventually getting engaged in April.

Reflecting on her engagement, Christine shared her excitement for the future with David, expressing how he makes her feel like a queen and that she has never been in love like this before. The couple is looking forward to the wonderful adventure awaiting them as they embark on the next chapter of their lives together.

The resilience and love displayed in the face of tragedy is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and the community of Colonia LeBaron continues to mourn the lives lost while celebrating the love and hope that endures.