Mental Case Stalker Becomes Killer: Celeste Manno’s Murderer Secretly Wanted to Be Her

Melbourne, Australia – A forensic psychiatrist revealed that the brutal killer of Celeste Manno secretly wanted to be her in the year leading up to her tragic death. Ms. Manno was stabbed 23 times in her own bed by Luay Nader Sako on November 16, 2020. The murderer was reportedly enraged after seeing a photo of Ms. Manno and her new boyfriend, Chris Ridsdale. Sako, 37, pleaded guilty to Ms. Manno’s murder in April after initially contesting the charges for years.

During the court proceedings, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Rajan Dargee testified that Sako was obsessed with Ms. Manno and had initially wanted to become her. According to Dr. Dargee, Sako suffered from a series of mental ailments, including depression, an extreme personality disorder, and body dysmorphia. The psychiatrist also revealed that Sako had spent large amounts of money buying products to help him resemble Ms. Manno, whom he viewed as an ideal object of beauty.

Furthermore, Dr. Dargee stated that Sako’s attack was fueled by jealousy, rage, and humiliation, as he felt persecuted and blamed Ms. Manno for his situation. Sako’s disturbing and obsessive behavior towards Ms. Manno resulted in her tragic murder, leaving her friends and family to face the devastating loss.

Ms. Manno’s boyfriend, Chris Ridsdale, stood before the court, describing the immense loss he felt and the future that was taken away from him. He detailed how everyday life without Ms. Manno was a painful reminder of what they could have had together. Mr. Ridsdale’s emotional testimony highlighted the profound impact of Ms. Manno’s untimely death on her loved ones.

The court heard that Sako now hopes to remain in isolation for the duration of his sentence in prison, as he is expected to be targeted by other inmates. The heartbreaking story of Celeste Manno’s tragic murder highlights the devastating consequences of obsession and violence, leaving her loved ones to grapple with the profound loss. As the hearing continues, the impact of this senseless tragedy will continue to reverberate within the community.