Missing Royal Navy Rating Simon Parkes Last Seen Drinking at Pub in Gibraltar After 1986 Docking

Gibraltar – The search for Royal Navy Rating Simon Parkes, who disappeared in December 1986, continues as his mother, Margaret Parkes, remains resolute in her determination to find her son. Parkes was last seen at a pub in Gibraltar after docking of HMS Illustrious, the ship on which he was serving. His disappearance has long been suspected to be linked to Allan Grimson, also known as the “Frankenstein Killer”, who was convicted for the murder of two young men and was serving on the same aircraft carrier as Parkes at the time.

Margaret Parkes expressed disappointment after Hampshire police failed to uncover any evidence during a recent dig in Gibraltar. However, she remains unwavering in her commitment to continue searching for her son, and is hopeful that the renewed attention on Grimson’s crimes will remind people of his dangerous nature ahead of his upcoming parole hearing.

Allan Grimson, labeled as the “Frankenstein Killer” for his imposing physique and large forehead, was convicted in 2001 for the murders of naval rating Nicholas Wright and barman Sion Jenkins. It is feared that his connection to Parkes’ disappearance may be linked to over 20 other unsolved killings across different countries.

Grimson’s extensive history and suspicion of involvement in Parkes’ disappearance have kept law enforcement agencies vigilant throughout the years. His modus operandi, including the use of a football season ticket as a cover for his ominous intentions, underscore the meticulous planning behind his criminal activities.

Despite Grimson’s denial of involvement in Parkes’ case, the search efforts persist. Detective Chief Inspector Adam Edwards, responsible for overseeing the investigation, expressed gratitude to the Parkes family for their unwavering support. While no new leads have emerged from the recent excavation, law enforcement remains dedicated to solving the mystery surrounding Simon Parkes’ disappearance.

The relentless efforts of Margaret Parkes and the ongoing investigation led by authorities offer a beacon of hope in the pursuit of justice for her son and shed light on the imperative need to address unresolved cases. The determination and perseverance of families like the Parkes, coupled with the dedication of law enforcement, serve as a testament to the unwavering commitment in seeking truth and closure.