MOTHER KILLING: Perth man accused of murdering mother for life insurance money

PERTH, AUSTRALIA: A Perth man accused of murdering his mother in order to gain access to her life insurance policy is set to face trial in October. Andre Rebelo, 27, is facing charges of killing Colleen Rebelo in May 2020 and is also accused of forging records. He appeared in the Supreme Court on Thursday ahead of his upcoming trial, which is expected to last seven weeks.

The body of Colleen Rebelo was found at her home in the suburb of Bicton, and her son was not charged until two years later. Prosecutors allege that the motive for the murder was to gain access to his mother’s life insurance policy, as Mr Rebelo was reportedly in a “very poor” financial situation at the time. The cause of Ms. Rebelo’s death has not been ascertained, and the case was initially not considered suspicious.

The trial is expected to focus on Mr. Rebelo’s financial status, including phone records and mobile phone data. There is also preparation for a report by a financial analyst, and evidence is still being gathered in anticipation of the trial. Despite initially being scheduled for five weeks, the trial is now expected to last seven weeks and possibly extend into early December. Mr. Rebelo, who appeared in court via video link from prison, continues to deny all allegations against him and remains in custody until his next court appearance in June.

The case has caused shock and concern in the local community, and the trial in October is anticipated to be a significant event. The prosecution is expected to present a thorough case against Mr. Rebelo, and the ensuing trial will likely shed more light on the details surrounding the tragic death of Colleen Rebelo.

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