Mother seeks justice for 12-year-old son’s tragic death

It has been a month since Sulma Ayala’s 12-year-old son, Willian Ayala, was found dead from a gunshot wound in the Canyon Country area. As a grieving mother, Ayala is still grappling with unanswered questions and a desperate demand for the truth.

The tragedy unfolded on Sunday, November 5, when Willian left their home around 11 p.m. Hours later, detectives arrived at Ayala’s doorstep, delivering devastating news. “There is a body, but it looks like Willian,” they said, leaving Ayala in disbelief. Hoping against hope, she continued to call her son, desperately longing for it not to be him.

Investigators discovered the body in a remote area on Sand Canyon Road. They believe that Willian, accompanied by another juvenile, was handling a gun that went off accidentally. A statement released by investigators Thursday stated that the victim and a newly identified second juvenile were handling a firearm when it accidentally fired, “causing grave injury to the victim.” Ayala, however, believes that certain details don’t add up, questioning why the other boy didn’t call for help.

Filled with anguish, Ayala recounts the moment she laid eyes on her son’s lifeless body, learning that he had been shot in the head. Now, she is determined to gain more information about the other young boy involved in the incident.

Detectives stated that this is an active investigation, with additional information being gathered. The case will soon be presented to the district attorney, who will then determine whether there was any criminal negligence and whether charges will be filed. As a result of the juvenile’s age, the identification of the second individual was withheld.

“He was a good boy, and he didn’t deserve to die the way he did,” Ayala asserts, struggling to comprehend the tragic loss of her son.

With more questions than answers at this stage, Ayala’s search for truth continues. As she seeks justice for her beloved Willian, the community remains on alert for updates in this ongoing investigation.